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- Playground Rope -

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GST Not Included
1 Metre Minimum Order

Buy steel cable/polyester blended playground rope online here. Nylon/steel cable also available. This specially constructed rope has an outer covering of high quality polyester rope with an inner core of galvanised steel cable. This gives the rope a soft and safe feel while at the same time making it vandal proof and extremely strong.

It is made from a 6 strand twisted construction with a fiber core. The 6 outer stands are constructed from a 100% polyester braid covering an inner wire rope core. This is the lightest and most malleable of the combination rope types. 


6 strand combination playground rope 

Steel wire rope strands covered with 100% Polyester braid cover

6X8 construction

Steel diameter 2.7mm

Vandal proof

High strength

UV stabilised


Cross connectors and T connectors

For more information about Playground rope and for the related cross connectors and T pieces please see our partner website Billabong Playgrounds. Billabong Playgrounds may also be able to help you with installation or other landscape works.


For information and pricing about playground nets please contact our playground net supplier Billabong Playgrounds by clicking the link below.

 - Billabong Playgrounds  - 
Playground Net Manufacturer

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Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Perth - Adelaide - Hobart

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking
at break
per Meter
16mm 3100 kg 249° C 5% 0.31 kg
18mm 4340 kg 249° C 5% 0.45 kg
20mm 5200 kg 249° C 5% 0.56 kg
22mm 7200 kg 249° C 4% 0.77 kg

Sensitive to:
Alkalis, Phenolic compounds, Sulfuric acid.

Resistant to:
Most organic and mineral acids, organic solvents, bleaches, oxidizing agents, UV, chafe.