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- Double Braid Polyester - Yachting Rope -

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GST Not Included
5 Metre Minimum Order
White Fleck rope as standard

Tough Yachting Ropes for Difficult Marine Needs

Double braid polyester (DBP) yachting ropes are typically manufactured using low stretch and high tensile polyester yarns. These yachting ropes are designed for rigorous usage in tough marine conditions. The outer polyester cover of these ropes protect the core of the rope, where most of its strength lies. Double braid polyester ropes have outstanding shock absorbing abilities. However, they are very soft on the hands. At Sydney Rope, we offer both imported as well as high quality 100% Australian DBP ropes.

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With us, DBP ropes are available in a wide variety of colors and diameters. These ropes can be used for numerous applications. DBP ropes are the highest quality of dynamic ropes that stand up to any tough marine requirements. Besides, our DBP ropes offer superior strength as well as ease of splicing. The cover and the core of our DBP ropes work in unison to provide you with maximum functionality.

Features and Applicability

These ropes are torque free and have higher strength and low stretch properties. They are also resistant to abrasion and have an excellent wet/dry strength. Designed to withstand the test of time, DBP ropes offer good resistance to UV rays as well as common chemicals. Being tough and durable, these ropes make a great choice for a variety of applications, such as control lines and halyards to name a few.

Shopping for Ropes Was Never This Easy

With our online product catalogue, you can shop high quality yachting ropes from the comfort of your home. At Sydney Ropes, we have a comprehensive range of quality ropes that stand up to any extreme conditions. We also offer Dyneema as well as spectra ropes. Whatever rope needs you have, you will surely find the one that perfectly caters to your requirements with us. If you experience any inconvenience while shopping for ropes, please feel free to reach us. Our friendly staff will assist you and help you in finding the best rope.

What are you waiting for? Call us on 0413 178 000 or write your concerns to We are just a call away. You can also post your queries online. We would be happy to assist you.

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What Our Customers Use Double Braid Polyester - Yachting Rope For

Purchase 100% Australian made DBP yachting rope here. Minimum 5 meter orders, and free postage. Large rage of colours and diameters available. Double braid polyester rope can be used for most applications. It is the highest quality of all the dynamic ropes we sell. It is very soft on your hands. More resistant to wear, weather and UV than other ropes, and holds up particularly well in marine applications.

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
at break
6 mm 770 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
8 mm 1750 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
10 mm 2400 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
12 mm 3400 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
16 mm 5400 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
18 mm 6000 kg 1.38 255° C 35%

Sensitive to:
Alkalis, Phenolic compounds, Sulfuric acid.

Resistant to:
Most organic and mineral acids, organic solvents, bleaches, oxidizing agents, UV, chafe.