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30 Metre Minimum Order

Quality Ropes that are Durable

Sisal ropes are natural ropes. They are produced from high quality sisal yarn. Agave plant is the source of sisal yarn. The yarn is extracted from this plant. Sisal ropes come in the standard three-rope construction. Due to its rough structure and high durability, sisal makes a great choice for various applications. Sisal ropes are also used as twines. Sisal is also used in different types of decorative applications.

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At Sydney Ropes, we offer premium quality sisal ropes. Being a natural product, sisal ropes are easily biodegradable, making sisal a more sustainable choice. Three strand sisal ropes are inexpensive and easy to splice. Here are some of the major benefits offered by sisal ropes, which are hard to ignore:

  • Unlike synthetic ropes, any sort of damage, deterioration or any other defects can be quickly and easily be noticed

  • The friction of sisal rope makes it a good choice for using as grab lines, particularly on the ships’ life boats

  • Their rough consistency also make them highly suitable for side lines on Jacobs ladders and pilot boarding ladders

  • These ropes do not kink; this property makes them suitable for being used as a heaving line

  • As they have a rough consistency, they make an ideal choice for cat scratching posts

  • Being anti-static, there ropes do not attract or trap dust particles. Sisal ropes make a good choice for personal or domestic as well as other functional applications.

Shopping for Rope Made Easier

All that you have to do is to simply browse through our online product catalogue and pick the one that you want. Whether you want a sisal rope that helps you in your commercial activities or a rope that caters to your sailing needs, we have got them all under one roof for you. Our wide array of quality products will ensure that all your cordage and rope splicing needs are precisely addressed.

We stock a wide array of high quality natural fiber and synthetic ropes. At Sydney Rope, we have been helping our valuable customers with large commercial orders as well as small domestic requirements.

If you still have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to reach us on 0413 178 000. We are just a call away. Besides, you can either post your queries online or mail them to We would be happy to assist you.

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What Our Customers Use Sisal For

Purchase sisal rope on-line now! Purchase by the meter. Custom splicing from $10. Big saving when you buy in bulk. Get a quote now! Sisal is a natural fibre rope made from the Agave plant. Sisal is strong, tough and economical making is a good choice for a wide range of applications.

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking
at break
6 mm 230 kg 1.5 150° C 9%
12 mm 840 kg 1.5 150° C 9%
24 mm 3590 kg 1.5 150° C 9%

Sensitive to:
Mineral acids, weak or strong paints, detergents, chemical salts, fats, weathering and sunlight

Resistant to:
Volatile petroleum solvents, batching oils, alkalis.