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- Cablehaul (UHMWPE) -

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Heavy Duty Ropes for Tough Applications

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) ropes, as the name suggests, are made of very high molecular weight resins. These ropes have high tensile strength, are extremely light in weight and stretch very little under tension. Being tough and durable, they serve as the best winch ropes and cable pulling ropes. They also have minimal elasticity. Therefore, they drastically reduce the hazards of snap backs. This property makes them a best option for industrial and marine applications, commercial fishing, aquaculture, performance and yachting, to name a few.

At Sydney Rope, we offer top quality UHMWPE ropes that can stand up to any conditions. These ropes are stronger than steel cables and are much lighter in weight. This property of UHMWPE ropes have made them all the more popular in off shore businesses of wind turbines, shipping, oil and gas. Being lighter and thinner, they are easy to handle when compared to conventional steel fibers. Today, they have also become ideal substitutes for steel and wire in pennant ropes for offshore rigs, mooring lines of tanker vessels, ship assist lines, tow hawsers and a lot more applications. In addition, having ultra-high molecular weight, these ropes float on water. This makes them a safe option for marine usage.

Properties and Applications

UHMWPE ropes are tougher than the steel and three times stronger than the polyester of equal weight. Exhibiting a higher strength-to-weight ratio, these ropes are widely accepted and used by some of the major industries, marine forums as well as oil and shipping companies during construction of offshore facilities.

The small volume of UHMWPE ropes makes them a good choice for easy storage as well as a reliable option in emergency cases. The best part is, they can be rapidly deployed even by a single worker. Due to the highest level of safety and security offered by them, they are now the recommended choice for safer mooring of tanker vessels.

Quality Products Backed by Supportive Services

At Sydney Rope, we not only offer great products that last longer, we also assist you in finding the right product. Apart from offering high quality ropes, including Dyneema and spectra, we will also help you with bespoke rope splicing options. In addition, our comprehensive online catalogue enables you to choose the perfect rope from the comfort of your office.

Do you still have any concerns that are holding you back from choosing us? Then get in touch with us right now by calling us on 0413 178 000. We are just a call away. Alternatively, you can also post your queries online or mail them to We would be happy to assist you.

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CableHaul® is a UHMWPE rope designed specifically for use in cable pulling. CableHaul® Is stronger than steel cable but much lighter. It has minimal elasticity and very low stretch (6%), this dramatically decreases the risk of snap backs. At half the cost of other UHMPE ropes, CableHaul® is a great alternative where cost is an issue. Purchase by the meter, or phone for a price on 500m and 1000m reels.

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking Strength kg weight kg per meter Melting Temperature Elongation at Break Specific Gravity
3mm 1,200 0.009 150° C 6% 0.97
4mm 1,800 0.011 150° C 6% 0.97
5mm 2,500 0.016 150° C 6% 0.97
6mm 3,600 0.023 150° C 6% 0.97
8mm 6,200 0.038 150° C 6% 0.97
10mm 9,600 0.06 150° C 6% 0.97
12mm 13,600 0.081 150° C 6% 0.97

Sensitive to:
Strong oxidising agents, chlorosulfuric and nitric acids at high temperatures. Slightly affected by sodium hydroxide.

Resistant to:
Most acids and alkalis, cold alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones and bleaches.